We provide ongoing digital support to our clients


Yes, you have a website, but is it up-to-date? We offer support packs with generous discounts so its easy for your site to be current. It will be some of the best money you’ll spend.

Purchasing a support package gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Priority service: your requests will be prioritised in our job cue and will allow you to speak directly to the developer.
  • Discounts: by purchasing a package, you will enjoy instant discounts, compared to tasking us on an hourly rate. Discounts range from 15% to 25%.
Package prices
5-hour support package (valid for 2 months) $700 inc. GST (15% discount)
10-hour support package (valid for 4 months) $1,237.50 inc. GST (25% discount)
Tailored support package Please call for a customised package
  • Revising / enhancing your website content (text, imagery and design).
  • Assisting in publishing when your staff are not available to do so.
  • Training in Drupal CMS (if utilised) and other web applications such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, eBay, YouTube, etc.
  • Enhancing new web pages you’ve created in your CMS that need an artist’s touch or extra marketing focus.
  • Help with setting up your email address on mobile devices such as iPhones, or on computers and laptops.
  • Technical support for “bugs” you might experience whilst interacting with your website.

* Support packages are only available for websites Giraffe have developed. Balance of package hours can be used for development of other digital design based products.


Having a website and linked email accounts is an important part of looking professional. You will need an ABN to register an Australian ( Domain Name. Search online and register your Business Domain Name.


Once you’ve registered your business domain name, check out our competitive pricing and select a hosting package that suits you.