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Want to know how to design a great poster? Your poster needs to have a clear uncluttered message and at the same time, be appealing to the tastes of your target audience.

Find a focus—generate a message either through typography, illustration or photography, that will speak to the viewer.

Make an impact—eye catching colour or imagery generally work well to create a lasting image, something the viewer will remember.

Be consistent with details—where possible use fonts and colour that are already in use to reflect the client, or the subject.

Balance type and images—Balance type and images in the layout. You want the viewer to notice the image, and for the message to be easily understood.

More information—Keep the amount of copy and information on the poster to a minimum, point the user to a web address for more details.

Wha-la ... follow these simple rules and you should end up with a great poster.

Branding, Government
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